Factors that can affect the costs of divorce

Factors that can affect the costs of divorce

The financial cost of your divorce will depend on a number of factors specific to your situation and circumstances. While you are encouraged to contact our Centennial divorce attorney for more precise answers, what we can tell you here is that, in general, the following factors usually play the biggest role in determining how expensive a Colorado divorce will be:

  • Whether a valid prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement exists – If a divorcing couple has a valid prenup or post-nup in place, this agreement can spell out some – if not most – of the terms of a divorce, such as how the marital property is to be divided and/or how spousal support issues are to be resolved. This can cut through many potential divorce disputes, possibly making for a faster and cheaper divorce. If, however, there is no pre- or post-nup in place (or if the existing agreement is of questionable validity), there\’s a greater possibility for costly disputes to arise in divorce, likely extending the duration and increasing the expense of the process.
  • Whether the divorce will proceed as a contested or uncontested case – Contested divorce cases (i.e., those in which the parties do not agree on at least one issue) tend to be more expensive than uncontested cases (i.e., those in which the parties agree on all issues of the divorce). This is usually because disputed points will have to be resolved in mediation or court, which again can contribute to longer and costlier divorce cases.
  • Whether the involved parties are willing (or able) to compromise on any disputed issues – Compromise can be the key to reducing the costs of divorce, as it can open up mediation as an alternative to traditional divorce court proceedings. This, in turn, can mean that divorcing parties have the opportunity to work out their own resolutions – on their own timeline (rather than the court\’s time frame). Ultimately, this can lead to more favorable resolutions (because each divorcing party played a central role in the resolution, instead of it being left up to the court to decide).
  • The nature and complexity of the marital property – How vast and complicated the marital estate is can be another factor impacting how costly a Colorado divorce will end up being. That\’s because, with more expansive assets, it can take far more time to inventory, appraise and divide these assets. And, in divorce, more time, usually means more money.

Want to Cut the Costs of Your Divorce? Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Although it may sound counterintuitive, hiring an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you can be pivotal to keeping the costs of your divorce in check – and to:

  • Ensuring your rights and interests are protected throughout the process
  • Achieving the best possible outcomes.

That\’s because, by investing in legal representation, you can gain an aggressive advocate who can help you avoid costly divorce mistakes while efficiently guiding you to favorable resolutions.

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