Robbins Law Firm LLC limits its practice to family law issues and mediation.

The following is a list of areas our firm handles:

  • Divorce – Generally, the dissolution of a marriage requires, at the very least, determining how the divorcing parties will financially separate from each other and whether either party will have any future financial obligation to the other. At Robbins Law Firm, we are skilled at protecting our clients’ rights and interests in divorce, helping people overcome the challenges that may arise so they can obtain the best possible outcomes.
  • Child Custody – Parenting time disputes can be stressful and contentious both during and after divorce. At Robbins Law Firm, we are skilled at helping parents favorably resolve custody-related disputes so they can get back to focusing on their children.
  • Child Support – Child support payment obligations are usually determined via a complicated formula that takes various factors into consideration, such as parents’ income, the number of children parents have and whether either parent is already paying child support. Whether you need assistance obtaining or enforcing a child support order in Colorado, Robbins Law Firm can help.
  • Mediation Services – Mediation can be a useful tool in divorce, offering divorcing parties the opportunity to work out their own disputes and divorce settlements. At Robbins Law Firm, we have extensive experience representing people in divorce mediation, helping them get through the process successfully so they can move on with their lives.
  • Unbundled Services – Resolving family legal issues does not always require comprehensive legal services. When limited legal help may be needed instead, people can turn to Robbins Law Firm for legal services tailored specifically to their needs and goals.