Divorce Infographic

Divorce rates in the United States are higher than ever. Research has shown that about 50% of first marriages and 60% of second marriages have ended in divorce. There is a divorce every 13 seconds in America, which adds up to around 6,646 divorces per day and 46,523 divorces per week. There are various reasons why a relationship ends up deteriorating, the most common of which is lack of communication and infidelity. Statistics also show that certain individuals are at a higher risk for divorce than others. For example, if one or both partners are smokers, they are more likely to get a divorce. Individuals who are over the age of 25 and went to college are less likely to get divorced. All couples would agree, however, that communication is still the key to making a marriage successful.

Some of these common problems can be fixed through therapy and commitment, but at times, divorce is necessary. The subject is highly debated, but most Americans believe that in general, divorce is a morally acceptable choice. Many circumstances and behaviors leading to divorce violate the boundaries around marriage, and every individual deserves to be in a safe and happy relationship.

However, the psychological and behavioral effects of divorce, especially on children, are significant. Children who have gone through a divorce are more likely to drop out of highschool, frequently have lower academic achievements, and often become disengaged from their families. Most Americans agree that parents seeking a divorce should do their best to stay together, for the sake of the kids. Unless there is abuse or extreme conflict involved, they believe that parents should stay married even if they are no longer satisfied in their marriage. However, the law protects every couple\’s option for divorce, because ultimately it is a personal matter and it is their choice whether they want a divorce or not.

The main factors that individuals consider are: benefits of a marriage, barriers against a divorce, and the investment they have made in the marriage. At times, couples decide to stay together because of money concerns, disapproval from family and friends, or religious beliefs. Investments may include many years of marriage, children, and a home together. However, if couples decide to stay together because of finances or other concerns, they must still put time into improving the relationship, or the marriage will not stay together in the long run. Ultimately, each partner should carefully evaluate the relationship and come to a decision about whether they want to try and repair the relationship or separate.

In the case that a couple decides to divorce, it is important that they approach the situation carefully, especially if there are children involved. Cooperation and communication are still important during divorce negotiations. Though emotions may be running high, it is important to reach decisions with as little conflict as possible. It will be beneficial to talk to a psychologist and an experienced divorce attorney during and after your divorce to help with these negotiations. They can act as the mediator if one-on-one discussions become difficult. The divorce will be healthier for everyone involved and the recovery will be easier as well.

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